Explosive De-Slagging 

Summit Environmental has exclusive de-slagging technology and highly trained blasters that allow for online or offline de-slagging, regardless of internal boiler temperatures. Small explosives are placed through burner openings, viewports, and doors, and detonated to clean slagged-over areas. This explosive detonation enables slag to be removed safely and effectively, all without causing collateral damage to the tubes or refractory. When this technology is used in conjunction with our vacuum trucks and high-pressure, high-flow water blasting equipment, we provide a turn-key solution for total outage shutdowns. Our crews are trained to use a variety of products, including electric and non-electric detonators, along with packaged and bulk products, in order to provide productive and safe blasts.

Specialty Blasting

Summit Environmental specialty blasting services includes the following and more:

  • Hardened styrene tanks
  • Frozen coal piles
  • Ice jam blasting
  • Post hole blasting
  • Well shooting
  • Log jam blasting
  • Bridge pier demolition
  • Furnace tapping
  • Snake holing
  • Secondary blasting
  • Beaver dams
  • Frozen wood chip piles