Summit began industrial cleaning operations in 2004 with twenty employees, five new wet/dry vacuum trucks, two new 10,000 psi water units and a few new vacuum boxes.  Ownership and management brought with them a combined 100+ years of experience and began to deliver “Best in Class” industrial cleaning services to our customers in the Mid-Atlantic, Southeast and Midwest regions.  With a focus on the Fossil Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution sectors, Summit saw steady growth.  Our list of services included wet/dry vacuuming, high-pressure water blasting, abatement, transportation and hydro-excavating.

In 2008/09 Summit’s resolve was tested during the economic downturn.  Throughout our existence we have responded to challenges head on with creativity and a determination to succeed.  By diversifying our service offerings to create opportunities in additional markets, we have continued to strengthen our reputation as a service provider.  One example of this was residential pond cleaning in Connecticut utilizing our vacuum trucks, which led to the use of a maintenance class dredge.  Another example was our abatement services providing us the opportunity to provide scraping and shot blasting services for commercial flooring projects.  Through all the adversity that was presented, Summit became a stronger, more diversified and more determined company.  

In 2010, with the Fossil Power Industry starting to spend on maintenance and an expansion into Nuclear Power Generation, Summit was poised to capitalize on the growth opportunities in front of us. We began providing pneumatic vacuum excavation services to the nuclear generation sector.  To keep up with the demand, Summit purchased new equipment and continually hired qualified local personnel.

The Gas Boom, within the Marcellus and Utica Shale gas formations, and the technology to release it, again put Summit in a position to expand into a new market with some additional service offerings.  This industry increased demand for our hydro-excavating, vacuum and transportation services with the need for cleaning tanks, rig pits and the transportation of water.

Summit has continued to maintain our “Best in Class” service by integrating safety into the daily activities of all employees, while utilizing and developing the latest technology along with advanced training for continual development of employees.